What is the 'Inner Realm'?

In this context, it is the vehicle for keeping you informed of new ideas, updates and information related to Ziran Qigong.

As you may be aware, Master Liu has been traveling abroad spending more time each year teaching and training new instructors. As the demand for the teachings of Master Liu increases, we have taken the next step to provide online learning to a global audience. In 2016 Ziran Qigong International will launch the Ziran Qigong Online Learning Academy. This new platform will allow students to self pace their learning and practice so they can better utilise time spent in workshops with Master Liu.

Our aim is to inspire students to learn, providing more material than was previously available from the instructional DVD's. The courses that we have designed utilise new video footage. As well as new instructional videos, each course will have training videos, lesson summary notes, downloadable course notes, detailed explanation of key concepts of Taoist philosophy and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), reference material and links.

We look forward to your feedback on how we can improve our courses. Every student enrolled in either free or paid courses will be added to the 'Inner Realm' mailing list and be notified as course material is revised and updated. We will only send emails that are necessary and you have the control to unsubscribe at any time.

This will be an exciting journey for us as I'm sure it will be for you. With your help we aim to make this the leading online qigong learning site.

I can be emailed with your feedback or questions any time.
Keep training and feel the qi.