Amazing how Nature has swung around and imposed upon us an Autumn that will be remembered for a long time, regardless of which hemisphere you’re in.

From the Taoist perspective, when the expansive impulse of late summer peaks and subsides it is followed by the gentle emergence of Yin energy described seasonally as Autumn. It brings to us a very useful time… if we are prepared to embrace it!

The patterns of gentle contraction are expressed in many forms. Trees begin to shed leaves, animals begin to gather and store food, the days begin to shorten, growth and activity throughout the kingdom of living creatures slows.

However for humans, in our hurry and haste we forget to heed these changes though they resonate all around and within and are deeply connected to our health and vitality. We can deny shortened days by flicking on a switch. We can buy seasonal produce year round. And we can keep resisting full presence to the moment by tagging the needs of the future as more important.

Nature knows that balance is best though it can sometimes be harsh in its reckoning. Balance is the dynamic interplay between opposing forces that are always holding each other, like dancers. Never static, but circling energy to harmonise and nourish life and prevent stagnation. Balance promotes good health in ecosystems and communities on all scales.

Returning to the idea that Nature has imposed a memorable Autumn on us all. More to the point, this period of home isolation will provide for those who see it, a chance to harvest the gifts of Autumn, which are very aptly needed to help restore balance to what was a hectic and unsustainable pattern of human behaviour. Be it a metaphorical Autumn for the northern hemisphere, all globe round we are way overdue for some very important reflection.

As a tree sheds old leaves this is a time to let go of what no longer serves, and to prepare to meet what may emerge in its place. It requires a shift into the Yin spaces of reflection, introspection, quiet deep listening. Knowing when to yield is just as powerful a skill as being able to forge on. Use this time wisely. Eat well, rest well, love well. Daydream, meditate, practice qigong, do craft with your kids. Look into yourself, reflect on past events, assess what works and doesn’t work about your life. Harvest your inner knowledge and nourish your roots. Then, when the time is right you will rise, energised and inspired.

Go well and gently.